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Four teams of Erste Bank Eishockey Liga are allowed to play in the Champions Hockey League each season. Two clubs - EC Red Bull Salzburg and UPC Vienna Capitals - are automaticly qualified. For the other two places the teams have to qualify.

EC Red Bull Salzburg and UPC Vienna Capitals as A-license clubs are automaticly qualified for Champions Hockey League.

Two B-license clubs will be qualified for the Champions Hockey League by the following rules:
1.       Champion
2.       Winner Pickround
3.       Second Pickround
4.       Runner up Final
5.       In Pickround/Qualification-Round higher ranked loser Semifinals
6.       In Pickround/Qualification-round lower ranked loser Semifinals

Possible fixed qualification after Pickround:
1.       Another team than RBS or VIC wins Pickround, then that team is qualified
2.       RBS or VIC wins Pickround and another team will be second in Pickround, then that another team is qualified

Possible fixed qualification after Quarterfinals:

>>Besides Champion EC Red Bull Salzburg and UPC Vienna Capitals, EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz and for the first time Vice-Champion HC Orli Znojmo will represent the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga in the Champions Hockey League 2016/17.