HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice won at Leader Rittner Buam after beeing back 0:3 with 5:3 and qualified as the third team for the Master Round and Play-offs in the SKY Alps Hockey League. Successful were on Tuesday also EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau, EC „Die Adler“ Stadtwerke Kitzbühel, WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan and HC Gherdeina

FBI VEU Feldkirch – HC Gherdeina 0:4
The first period brought chances on both sides. In minute 8 the Italians took advantage from a mistake in the defense from Feldkirch and scored the lead. In period 2 the guests played smart and were also always one step faster then the Austrians. With two goals within 32 seconds from Senoner (28.) and Iori (29.) the Furie run away to 3:0. The west-club on the other side had problems to break through the good defense of the team from Gherdeina and the rest stopped goalie Ginluca Vallini, who celebrated a Shut-out in the end. Even the Austrians took 20 shots in the last 20 minutes, the goalie was not to beat, while the Italians added another goal from Johansson with an efficiency performance in a Power Play.

EC „Die Adler“ Stadtwerke Kitzbühel – HC Fassa Falcons 3:1
EC „Die Adler“ Stadtwerke Kitzbühel showed a strong performance from the start and especially in Power Play! But the first goals scored the guests from Fassa in minute 6, Della Rovere was successful in a Power Play. The Eagles stayed unimpressed and contined to search their luck in the offense. Finally they were rewarded with the 1:1 from Deivids Sarkanis. The Austrians took the momentum in period 2 and continued to make pressure. In a 5-on-3-Power Play the Tyroleans finally took the lead thanks a goals from Peter Lenes. Period 3 was even played with chances on both sides: The decision came in a Power Play from Fassa, when new import Ainars Podzins scored the 3:1 for Kitzbühel shorthanded after a pass from goalie Tomaz Trelc. With this success Kitzbühel defended place 13, Fassa is still on place 14.

Red Bull Hockey Juniors – EHC Age Elastic Lustenau 1:2 after Overtime
The Red Bull Hockey Juniors started very aggressiv into their last game in the first part of the regular season against EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau. Already in minute 4 the Mozart Citizens took advantage from the first Power Play. The guests from Lustenau stayed unimpressed and took over the commando on the ice quickly, but good chances from Petr Vala, Gatis Gricinskis and Philipp Winzig after a solo stayed unused. Even in a 5-on-3-Power Play the Lions could not score. After the re-start good scoring-chances were missing on both sides. Finally in minute 29 the west-club equalized: Stefan Wiedmaier finished a a pass from Petr Vala. The guests then threatened especially from Marcel Witting, but could not get the lead in period two. Both teams got their chances in the last 20 minutes, but the goalies were not to beat and so the game went into an Overtime, where Dusan Devecka fixed the win for Lustenau. With this success the Lions moved forward to place 4 and are now the best Austrian team.

Rittner Buam – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 3:5
Ritten played the last game of the regular season before the big appointment of Continental Cup for the next weekend. Some news for the home team. The goalkeeper was Roland Fink while there was the return of defender Brad Cole as reinforcement of the next Continental Cup Cup. Alexander Eisath and Kevin Fink was injured. Eric Pance was absent for Jesenice. The home team started well: Janis Sprukts scored after 7 minutes of play in powerplay. The "Latvian" attacker's goal was also the only of the first period and was also the first in the SKY Alps Hockey League by Sprukts.During the second period Ritten found the goal of Simon Kostner in the middle time and after four minutes there was the third goal: Janis Sprukts again. But Jesenice has a big reaction. In the last two minutes of the central period it achieves two goals: first Aleksandr Magovac and then Martin Oraze allowed slovenians to pull-back two goal. Both goals was built in powerplay action. Then during the third period there was still Jesenice. The Red Steelers completed the comeback. Jaka Ankerst tied the game after 43 minutes of play. Then the guests scored again with Luka Kraigher after 52 minutes of the game.  Jesenice took the lead for the first time in this match. The goal of security arrived when missing 56 seconds  to end of the match:  Ankerst scored the final 5: 3 in favor of the guests. Ritten lost, but remained on first spot in this regular season. And Jesenice fixed with this win as the third team after Rittner Buam and HC Pustertal Wolves the Master Round and the Play-offs.

WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan – Sportivi Ghiaccio 2:1 SO
First game of the new year for Sterzing at home. Hannes Stofner come back to play and for the first time was in the game. Matthias Baur and Simon Mantinger were absent. The first period was played a lot in defense by the two teams. This was an important game and neither team wanted to do something wrong. Mair and Roupec build the first dangers in the net zone. Then the visitor took the initiative: Nicola Fontanive shot for goal with one timer but Ty Rimmer made a great save. The first period ended without goals. During the second period Sterzing played well but failed to score. At least three clear chances as the Broncos near to the goals: Deanesi, Felicetti and Stofner are very dangerous. Then from the middle, Cortina was more present. The guests took the lead with a shot from a sharp angle: Tanner Burton scored a very heavy goal in a very defensive match after 33 minutes of match. During the last period the game remained in balance until almost the final minute. When the Cortina was thought to reach the 6th place in the standings, overcoming Asiago, they recorded the eighth penalty of the match for delay of the game when missing 87 seconds to the end of third period. Sterzing played in 6 on 4 (with extra attacker and powerplay)  as they scored the tie with Luca Felicetti when missing 27 seconds to third whistle. The game went to overtime, where the match was fun. Martino Valle Da Rin saved the result in the overtime but Sterzing won the penalty shot: the decisive penalty shot was of Francis Verrault-Paul. So Cortina remained on seventh place to one point from Asiago. Broncos won with the same result the first match of the season against Cortina but the final goal was scored in the overtime.

SKY Alps Hockey League:
Tue, 10.01.2017: FBI VEU Feldkirch – HC Gherdeina 0:4 (0:1,0:2,0:1)

Referees: HOFER/HOLLENSTEIN; spectators: 814
Goals GHE: Vinatzer (8. – Kostner, Senoner), Senoner (29. – Brugnoli, Demetz), Iori (30. – Demetz, Eastman), Johansson (57./pp – Straka, Ellis)
Tue, 10.01.2017: Red Bull Hockey Juniors – EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau 1:2 n.V. (1:0,0:1,0:0,0:1)
Referees: LENDL/STRASSER; spectators: 93
Goal RBJ: Egger (4./pp – Wappis, Wachter)
Goals EHC: Wiedmaier (30. – Vala), Devecka (66. – Gricinskis, Stefan)
Tue, 10.01.2017: EC „Die Adler“ Stadtwerke Kitzbühel – HC Fassa Falcons 3:1 (1:1,1:0,1:0)
Referees: FICHTNER/RUETZ; spectators: 254
Goals KEC: Sarkanis (18./pp – Burlin, Lenes), Lenes (29./pp2 – Batna, Sarkanis), Podzins (50./sh - Trelc)
Goal FAS: Della Rovere (6./pp – Bustreo, Walker)
Tue, 10.01.2017: WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan – Sportivi Ghiaccio Cortina Hafro 2:1 SO (0:0; 0;1; 1:0; 0:0; 1:0)
Referees: BENVEGNU, LAZZERI, Cristeli, Waldthaler.
Goals Vipiteno: 1:1 Felicetti (59./ea-pp/ Verrault-Paul-Roupec); 2:1 Verrault-Paul (67./ps)
Goal Cortina: 0:1 Burton
Tue, 10.01.2017: Rittner Buam – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 3:5 (1:0; 2:2; 0:3)
Referees: LESNIAK, PIANEZZE, Basso, Rezek.
Goals Rittner Buam: 1:0 Sprukts (7./pp1/Cole-Tudin); 2:0 S.Kostner (31./pp1/Hofer-Borgatello); 3:0 Sprukts (34./Borgatello-Tauferer);
Goals Jesenice: 3:1 Magovac (38./pp1/Kalan-Berlisk); 3:2 Oraze (39./pp1/Sotlar-Di Casmirro); 3:3 Ankerst (43./Di Casmirro-Magovac); 3:4 Kraigher (52./Ankerst-Sotlar); 3:5 Ankerst (59./Kalan-Rajsar);
Picture: Max Pattis

1) RIT 77 (30)
2) PUS 71 (28)
3) JES 57 (28) 
4) EHC 53 (28)         
5) VEU 52 (28)
6) ASH 47 (27) 
7) SGC 46 (27)
8) RBJ 38 (30) 
9) EKZ 35 (27) 
10) WSW 33 (27) 
11) HCN 33 (28)
12) GHE 31 (28) 
13) KEC 29 (27) 
14) FAS 25 (27) 
15) ECB 24 (27)
16) KA2 15 (27)