The six Saturday games in SKY Alps Hockey League brought many goals, totally 46 goals were scored! Rittner Buam fixed place 1.

Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey - EC Bregenzerwald 8:1
Second straight home-game for Asiago. The yellow-read team challenged Bregenzerwald with the return of Lorenzo Casetti and Anthony Nigro. The new canadian striker Kris Kolanos didn’t play. The first period was in favor of the hosts as they litterally dominated the time. After two minutes of the game Asiago took the lead. Scandella served Anthony Nigro that discarded a couple of opponents and then he put the puck in the net after a touch in backhand. The home team played with a constant pressure to the net of the Austrians, but Scandella hit the post. After nine minutes arrived 2:0 with Anthony Nigro always protagonist. The striker scored from a tight angle with a backhand shot. The Asiago put a lot of pressure, but the third goal didn’t arrive despite the many and good chances that Asiago could build. After the 1st time Asiago lead 2:0. During the second period the story of the match didn’t change. The team of coach Tom Barrasso dominated the period as in the first. After three minutes Lorenzo Casetti scored with a wrist shot after a fast action of the second line. After a minute Asiago scored again. Federico Benetti retrieved a puck in the defensive zone of the Austrians as he put it under the crossbar. The yellow-read team put a lot of pressure but before the end of the 2nd half there were no other goals. Davide Conci hit the post. During the third time still was Asiago. There were four goals of the hosts. Matteo Tessari and Anthony Nigro (hat trick) made the increase after two minutes of play. Then the yellow-read team continued their march: Giulio Scandella and still Matteo Tessari lead to eight goals. When there were 43 seconds to the end of the meeting the Bregenzerwald achieved the first goal of the evening with Lucas Haberl. The Asiago wins by 8: 1 ad they kept 6th place of the standigs.

S.G. Cortina Hafro - EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau 7:3
Cortina played his third home straight game in Olympic stadium. Tonight the home team played against Lustenau. The hosts started very well as they scored in just two minutes two goals. After a minute Hridna Stefan went to the penalty bench. It took to Zachary Torquato only 14 seconds to score the first goal. Then a minute later Andrea Moser doubled in favor of the Cortina. The home team still put a lot of pressure with several occasions but they failed to achieve a new goal. After a post on each side, the Cortina realized the 3-0, after 13 minutes, in shorthanded situation. Despite 2 consecutive powerplay for Lustenau, the Cortina advanced with Railey Brace that took the puck before the blue and then went on to score the third goal. After the first time the result was in favor of the Cortina for 3:0. During the second period the Austrian presented with another rythm, but Cortina was very ready in attack zone. Yet Riley Brace made the fourth goal. Lustenau, however, played much better than the fist period. Gator Gricinskis made the first goal for the visitors as Philipp Wizing halved the disadvantage. Nicola Fontanive stopped the comeback of Lustenau when missing two seconds of the end of the period. The Cortina was ahead for 5:2 after 40 minutes. During the third time the game was much more hard-fought. Was the situations in powerplay to make a difference. Grinciskis still allowed the Austrians to pull-back one goal in the result in powerplay. But then the final was all of the hosts. Riley Brace scored the his personal hat-trick while Fontanive realized his second goal. Both the latest goals was made 5 on 4. The Cortina won 7: 3 as they remained on course for the Master Round.

EK Zeller Eisbären – Rittner Buam 2:4
Rittner Buam had a good start at Zell am See, already after seven minutes the Italians were leading 2:0 thanks goals from Ahlström and Kostner. Also in the following minutes the guests made much pressure, but goalie Dominik Frank made a good job! Period two the Polar Bears started with a Power Play and quickly came back into the game: Flo Dinhopel finished a pass from Franz Wilfan. Then the Austrians found better and better into the game. In period 3 the hosts were rewarded with the 2:2: After a pass from Scholz and Wilfan Rataj made the 2:2. Zell tried to turn the game around then in a Power Play, but the goal made the Rittner Buam: Oscar Ahlström scored shorthanded! Late in the game Traversa even made the 4:2 into the empty net and fixed place 1 for the Rittner Buam after the first part of the regular season.

EC-KAC – HC Pustertal Wölfe 1:4
HC Pustertal Wolves got a quick lead at Klagenfurt: In the guests first Power Play Shayne Wiebe scored from a sharp angel. EC-KAC II stayed unimpressed and got more and more the upper hand of the game: Michael Kernberger came close to score the 1:1, but he just hit the post (6.). But then Luca Rodiga deflected the puck after a shot from Valentin Hammerle for the equalizer (14.). After the re-start Maximilian Lancsar was stopped after a solo from EC-KAC II goalie Thomas Dechel (23.). The Red Jackets found better and better into the game, but did not come to real scoring-chances. On the other side Elias Thum finished a quick counter for the 2:1. Early in period 3 defenseman Armin Hofer made the 3:1. Both teams tried to score again, but the goalies Thomas Dechel and Philipp Kosta were not to beat. Late in the game Obermair made the final 4:1 into the empty net.

Red Bull Hockey Juniors – HC Neumarkt Riwega 5:3
Red Bull Hockey Juniors started with their new forward Victor Östling in the line-up into the game. The Swede had in minute 13 his first big moment in the game, passed the puck to Eder, who scored the lead. Both teams then had their chances for other goals in a fast first period, but Salzburg took a 1:0-lead into the break. Early in the second period the Mozart Citizens extended their lead in a Power Play. The Italians answered with the 1:2 in a Power Play. The Austrians stayed unimpressed, just few minutes later Lukas Kainz made the 3:1 after a pass from Maximilian Daubner. The guests answered with pressure and were rewarded with the 2:3 from Ondrej Nedved. Again Salzburg had a quick answer, Alexander Lahoda made the 4:2 (38.). In period 3 Victor Östling made his debut perfect with the 5:2 for the Red Bull Hockey Juniors after a pass from Tobias Eder. Lundstrom scored the third goal for Neumarkt, but it was to late for a comeback.

HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice – WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan 7:1
After a few minutes HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice took the initiative in the game and got a quick 2:0-lead thanks goals from Jure Sotlar and Nejc Berlisk, which was increased by Jure Sotlar and Eric Pance even to 4:0 already in period 1. Before the second period started Sterzing changed the goalkeeper. In period 2 also the guests threatened, but they missed their chances. The goals again made Jesenice, that extended their lead to 6:0 thanks late goals from Nathan DiCasmirro and Eric Pance. The visitors started the last third of the match better and they lowered the result with a goal from Tobias Kofler. Also in the following minutes the guests were more dangerous and they hit the crossbar in a power play. The Red Steelers, however, then were able to turn their advantage of one player more on the ice, Aleksandar Magovac scored the seventh goal. By the end of the match were several occasions on both sides, but the outcome remained unchanged.

SKY Alps Hockey League:
Sat, 07.01.2017: EC-KAC – HC Pustertal Wölfe 1:4 (1:1,0:1,0:2)
Referees: FAJDIGA/WIDMANN; spectators: 260:
GoalsKAC II: Rodiga (14. – V. Hammerle, S. Hammerle)
Goals PUS: Wiebe (4./pp – Hofer, Prith), Thum (34./ - Erlacher, Sirokovs), Hofer (42.), Obermair (59./EN – Elliscasis)
Sat, 07.01.2017: HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice – WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan 7:1 (4:0,2:0,1:1)
Referees: FERRINI/FICHTNER; spectators: 650
Goals JES: Sotlar (9. – Oraze, DiCasmirro; 15. – Oraze, DiCasmirro), Berlisk (11. – Ankerst), Pance (19. – Logar, 40./pp – Sotlar, DiCasmirro), DiCasirro (38. – Logar), Magovac (51./pp – Jezovsek, Kalan)
Goal WSV:Roupec (41. – Verreault-Paul, Mair)
Sat, 07.01.2017: Red Bull Hockey Juniors – HC Neumarkt Riwega 5:3 (1:0,3:2,1:1)
Referees: BENVEGNU/WALLNER; spectators: 117
Goals RBJ: Eder (13. – Östlinger, Lahoda), Kittinger (24/pp – Kainz, Schwarz), Kainz (30. – Daubner, Birnbaum), Lahoda (38. – Eder, Östlinger), Östlinger (49. – Jakubitzka, Schwarz)
Goals HCN: Muzik (27./pp – Gaspar, Lundstrom), Nedved (36. – Gabri, 54./pp - Lundstrom), Lundstrom (54./pp – Gaspar, Willeit)
Sat, 07.01.2017: EK Zeller Eisbären – Rittner Buam 2:4 (0:2,1:0,1:2)
Referees: MARRI/SUPPER; spectators: 1213
Goals EKZ: Dinhopel (22./pp – Wilfan), Rataj (42. – Wilfan, Scholz)
Goals RIT: V. Ahlström (4. – Alber, Hofer); Kostner (7./ – Tudin), O. Ahlström (49./SH), Traversa (59./EN)
Sat, 07.01.2017, 20:30: Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey - EC Bregenzerwald 8:1 (2:0; 2:0; 4:1)
Referees: GASSER, LAZZERI, Rinker, Tschrepitsch
Goals Asiago: 1:0 Nigro (2./Long-Scandella); 2:0 Nigro (9./Scandella-Long); 3:0 Casetti (23./M.Tessari-Stevan); 4:0 Benetti (24./Conci-Pace); 5:0 M.Tessari (41./Stevan-Lutz); 6:0 Nigro (42./Miglioranzi-Scandella); 7:0 Scandella (50./Long-Nigro); 8:0 M.Tessari (pp1/Stevan-M.Sullivan)
Goal Bregenzerwald: 8:1 Haberl (59./Zwerger-Schwinger)
Sat, 07.01.2017, 20:30: S.G. Cortina Hafro - EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau 7:3 (3:0; 2:2; 2:1) 
Referees: LOTTAROLI, PICHLER, Bednek, Holzer
Goals Cortina: 1:0 Torquato (1./pp1/De Biasio – Fontanive); 2:0 Moser (2./Fontanive-Burton); 3:0 Brace (13./sh1/Torquato-De Biasio); 4:0 Brace (23./Torquato-Fontanive); 5:2 Fontanive (39./Caletti-Brighenti Moretti); 6:3 Brace (47./pp1/Torquato-De Biasio); 7:3 Fontanive (57./pp1/Brace-Torquato);
Goals Lustenau: 4:1 Grincinskis (27./Winzig-Oberscheider); 4:2 Winzig (36./Slivnik-Wiedmaier); 5:3 Grincinskis (44./pp1/Wilfan-Devecka);

1) RIT 77 (29)
2) PUS 71 (28)
3) JES 54 (27) 
4) VEU 52 (27)
5) EHC 51 (27)
6) ASH 47 (27) 
7) SGC 45 (26)
8) RBJ 37 (29) 
9) EKZ 35 (27) 
10) HCN 33 (28) 
11) WSV 31 (26)
12) GHE 28 (27) 
13) KEC 26 (26) 
14) FAS 25 (26) 
15) ECB 24 (27)
16) KA2 15 (27)