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Interview with Ivan Demetz, forward of HC Gherdeina, who is talking to us about the period of his team and about the near future with the "Furies", committed to return more fighting than ever.
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With the victory on January 4 against Sterzing, you got for the first time three consecutive victories. A good performance in this final part of the regular season that was not going in the best way up to now. Can you tell us your feelings?
"There were a lot of expectations on and off the ice rink for our season. I mean also by the society and the media and fans. Things did not go as they should have gone. The team also changed coach. Now let's get back to a better level and the latest results are giving us a reason. We are in the 12nd place but the 7th place is only 7 points away. It was a pity that we lost the matches that were supposed to be easy. I am referring to home defeat against Klagenfurt II. But now we have learned our lesson and we want to be what we have always been. Fight to the last second and never stop believing in goals. In the second phase, we will play to win for entering in the playoffs. Although it is a difficult task, we will try. "

What do you think of the new season of the Sky Alps Hockey League?
"I can say that this tournament is of great interest. Certainly, it is the first year and is still needs some time. But I am convinced of the goodness of the project. From an organizational point of view there are a lot more certainties. I hope that this tournament will grow further. As the name implies - Alps Hockey League - can still accommodate the teams playing in our context. The fact of having so many opponents and the level is a very positive thing. I am also convinced that it is the best experience for a young player who wants to grow in the right way. "

What do you think are the best teams of this league?
"I can say that the Renon has quantity and quality and it is definitely the enemy to beat. The Pustertal has a group of high-level foreigners. Also the Asiago is good. Jesenice was the most technical team and also very strong. But the Red Steelers has lost some players. I think it can’t go back as it was at the beginning of the championship. The Austrian teams are very physical and they put a lot of energy. I think this championship integrates with what it has always been a bit of a 'failure in Italy: a more dynamic game and a more physical game. "

Your role as a striker in your team?
"I usually pair with Diego Iori but we do not have a fixed line and we change often. I respect what the coach tells me. The team comes first and what it is needed to make it win. I consider myself a specialist in penalty killing where often I play. "

What to expect in your future?
“Obviously, I like to play and I want to keep doing it. But I also have a job and I have to reconcile this with the fact of playing hockey. It is the fate of many players. As long as I can, I will continue to have fun with the "Furies".