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The top-duo Rittner Buam and HC Pustertal booked wins and are increasing the gap to the chasing pack. The Austrian duels were won by the Red Bull Hockey Juniors and the EK Zeller Eisbären. The Italian Duels went to HC Neumarkt and Hockey Club Gherdeina.

170105 Ritten

Red Bull Hockey Juniors – EC Die Stadtwerke Kitzbühel 6:2
The Red Bull Hockey Juniors clearly won at home against the EC Kitzbühel with 6:2. Die away team delivered a quick game, but the bulls controlled the game from the first minute. After high pressure from the beginning Patrik Kittinger scored for the 1:0 after 6 minutes. The answer of the guests came a bit later. In the 14th minute Ainars Podzins scored for the tie. The Juniors increased their speed and Maimilian Daubner and Christof Wappis scored the goals two and three for the home team. The second period started like the first ended. Patrik Kittinger scored his second goal of the night in a power play situation. In the 26th minute Peter Lenes narrowed the gaps, he scored the 2:4. But the bulls didn’t slow down and Patrik Kittinger scored his third goal and one minute later it was Maximilian Daubner who succeded with the sixth goal for his team. The Juniors started the last period in power play. But no more goals were scored in the final period.

EK Zeller Eisbären – EC Bregenzerwald 3:0
For the first home game in the new year the EK Zeller Eisbären hosted the EC Bregenzerwald. The polar bears started very concentrated into the first period. Right from the beginning the home team put a lot of pressure. In the 15th minute Christoph Frank let the fans celebrate for the first time. Some more chances were saved by the goalie of the EC Bregenzerwald. In the second period Zell booked a really good start. After only 39 seconds Tobi Dinhopel scored the second goal of the night. Bregenzerwald found now better their rhythm, but the Zeller Goalie Dominik Frank kept the sheet clean. In the last period the polar bears played the game home. Fabian Scholz scored after a perfect assist of Jan Kolar.

HC Gherdeina - WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan 4:2
After the victory in Neumarkt, the Gherdeina returned to play at home. For Sterzing was the first game of the year following the postponement of the match on 2 January against Cortina, after the mourning that struck the Broncos team. From the first engagement forward the match was conducted very fast. Both teams played openly as they created several occasions. Luca Felicetti scored the first goal of the match with hard-shot after a scrummage. Gherdeina answered after three minutes when Fabio Kostner scored with a fine solo effort. After 18 minutes, Diego Iori was in the right place at the right time as he scored the 2th goals for home team deflecting a dangerous shot by Ivan Demetz. Gherdeina closed the first period ahead (2:1). After the change of side, the "Furies" was more protagonist on the ice, while the "Broncos" showed up only sporadically in the attack zone. In the middle of the match, the guests could thanks their goalie Tyler Rimmer who was good with important saves. When missing 45 seconds of the second break, Josef Straka in powerplay scored the 3:1 for the HCG. In the final period the history of the match initially didn’t change, with the "Furies" always on offens. The Sterzing took some penalties and so there was difficulty recovering. After 51 minutes Jonas Johansson shooted a big shot under the crossbar. In the final time of the match Denny Deanesi halved the defecit. Gherdeina won the match 4:2. This was the third victory in a row for the Fury.

Migross Market Asiago Hockey - Rittner Buam 1:4
The big match of this round was played in the Odegar of Asiago where the home team challenged the leaders of Rittner Buam. Asiago was without Anthony Nigro (suspended), Lorenzo Casetti (suspended) and Andrea Strazzabosco (injured). On the other side Fabian Ebner, Alexander Eisath and Kevin Fink were absent because all injured. The first period was marked by a frenetic rhythm. Asiago began very strong as they tried to score in the first ten minutes of play. Davide Conci also hit the post. But in the the middle of the period, Giulio Scandella received 2 minutes of penalty, so Renon took advantage and scored in powerplay with Oskar Ahlströhm on rebound. The "Lions", after a period of slumber, tried to score, but were unsuccessful. During the second period the fans in the Odegar stadium attended an another great show. Asiago was master on the ice rink but they suffered another goal for a defensive error. Dan Tudin doubled for the "Buam" after 23 minutes. The home team reacted as they tried to answer. In the middle time Asiago made the first goal. Andreas Lutz collected a puck behind the Rittner net and he passed it in the front of the net where Giulio Scandella put the puck under the crossbar. During the third period the leaders of the AHL increased their advantage with the goal of Alex Frei after another mistake of the difense of Asiago. From this time, the Ritten freezed the game and controlled the ice. The last flash of the game was the empty net goal of Roland Hofer in the final seconds. Rittner Buam won another game on the road (4:1).

Sportivi Ghiaccio Cortina Hafro – HC Pustertal Wolves 2:5
The match was very vibrant from the beginning. The game was it played to open mode from the first game skating. The teams immediately sought the goal. The both goalies, Marco De Filippo and Thomas Tragust, made the difference. The rhythm was very high and there were many penalties. From the mid-game the home team played with more fluidity. After 11 minutes, Edoardo Caletti missed a penalty shot. Cortina, in the final of the period, put more pressure but they didn’t manage to score. The first period ended without goals. During the second period the game was even more exciting than the first. The fourth powerplay for Wolves was: Shayne Wiebe scored after one minute of play of the period. The match was unique intensity. Every action created dangers from either side. The Pustertal failed to score 2-0 while Cortina tied with a fast goal by Andrea Moser after 33 minutes. The second period ended in a draw (1-1), but the fans in the  Olympic stadium (about 1000) watched a very spetacular game. During the third time the Pustertal was much stronger in attack zone. Before Raphael Andergassen (44th) and then again Wiebe (52th) in powerplay allowed Wolves to move forward in the result. Cortina answered immediately with Riccardo Lacedelli in powerplay. But the end was still Bruneck made another two goals. Still Raphel Andergassen doubled the score for the Wolves who then found the empty net goal with Viktor Schweitzer. The Pustertal won by 5:2 a difficult away game against Cortina.

HC Fassa Falcons - HC Neumarkt Riwega 3:4
Fassa played their third consecutive home game and they challenge Neumarkt. The hosts was recorded three absences: Martin Castlunger and Cesare Sottsass (both injured), while David Schiavone will play in Germany for the rest of the season (U19 Landshut). The game didn’t has much rhythm. The teams was very concentrated in defense zone. In the middle Neumarkt took the lead with Alex Sullmann (0-1). The defense of the Fassa was not careful in this situation. The end of period was in the favor of the Falcons: Bustreo hit the crossbar in counterattack situation but the first period was for guest (0:1). During the second period the Fassa equalized in the opening with Paolo Bustreo. Then again the Neumarkt returned again in the lead with Michael Sullmann. But before the end of the period still Fassa scored the tie with Geoff Walker. The third period was similar to the second even if the end is different. Yet many penalties that affect the game. The Neumarkt lead again with Ratislav Gaspar but the Fassa scored for the third time in the match again with Geoff Walker. But shortly after half-time, Florian Wieser scored the winning goal for the Wild Goose that will no longer be recovered by the hosts. Neumarkt won for 4: 3 away a difficult match after they found the first victory after three defeats in a row.

04.01.2017 Red Bull Hockey Juniors – EC Die Stadtwerke Kitzbühel 6:2 (3:1, 3:1, 0:0)
Referees: DURCHNER, KUCHER, Kontschieder, Krausz
Goals RBS: 1:0 Kittinger (6./Kainz-Daubner), 2:1 Daubner (15./Kainz), 3:1 Wappis (18./Kainz), 4:1 Kittinger (21./pp1/Schwarz- Jakubitzka), Kittinger 5:2 (36./ Steinacher-Steinbacher), 6:2
Daubner (37./Kainz-Kittinger)
Goals KEC: 1:1 Podzins (14./ Echtler-Ebner), 4:2 Lenes (26./ Ebner)

04.01.2017 EK Zeller Eisbären – EC Bregenzerwald 3:0 (1:0, 1:0, 1:0)
Referees: WALLUSCHNIG, WIDMAN, Höller, Bartl
Goals EKZ: 1:0  Frank (15./ Fazokas-Scholz), 2:0 Dinhopel (21./ Kolar-Rataj), 3:0 Scholz (56./Kolar)

04.01.2017, HC Gherdeina - WSV Sterzing Broncos Weihenstephan 4:2 (2:1; 1:0; 1:1)
Referees: LEGA, VIRTA, Biacoli, Giacomozzi
Goals: Gherdeina: 1:1 F.Kostner (7./Johansson-Brugnoli); 2:1 Iori (17./pp1/B.Kostner-Costa); 3:1 Straka (39./pp1/Eastman-Johansson); 4:1 Johansson (50./F.Senoner-I.Demetz);
Goals Sterzing: 0:1 Felicetti (4./Roupec-F.Verrault Paul); 4:2 Deanesi (Erlacher-Deluca);

04.01.2017, Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey - Rittner Buam 1:4 (0:1; 1:1; 0:2)
Referees: RUETZ, SUPPER, De Zordo, Pinie
Goal Asiago: 1:2 Scandella (31./Lutz);
Goal Rittner Buam: 0:1 O. Ahlströhm (9./pp1/V. Ahlströhm–Hofer); 0:2 Tudin (23./Vigl-Traversa); 1:3 Frei (42./M.Spinell-Sprukts); 1:4 Hofer (59./en.)

04.01.2017, 20:45: Sportivi Ghiaccio Cortina Hafro - HC Pustertal Wolves 2:5 (0:0; 1:1; 1:4)
Referees: BAJT, HOLLENSTEIN, Bergant, Rezek
Goals Cortina: 1:1 Moser (33./Brighenti Moretti – Brace); 2:3 R.Lacedelli (53./pp1/Burton-Fontanive);
Goals Pustertal: 0:1 Wiebe (21./pp1/Bona-Schweitzer); 1:2 Andergassen (44./Hofer-Rabbit); 1:3 Wiebe (52./pp1/Hofer-Pritz); 2:4 Andergassen (Hofer-Rabbit); 2:5 Schweitzer (59./en/Pritz-Wiebe);

04.01.2017, 20:45: HC Fassa Falcons - HC Neumarkt Riwega 3:4 (0:1; 2:1; 1:2)
Referees: KAMSEK, LESNIAK, Bedynek, Tschrepitsch
Goals Fassa: 1:1 Bustreo (21./pp2/Walker-Manning); 2:2 Walker (37./Della Rovere-Manning); 3:3 Walker (37./pp1/Della Rovere-Manning);
Goals Neumarkt: 0:1 A.Sullmann (11./Simonazzi); 1:2 M.Sullmann (26./pp1/Simonazzi-Manning); 2:3 Gaspar (43./Lundstrom-Zambaldi); 3:4 Wieser (51./pp1/A.Sullmann-Simonazzi); 


1) RIT 74 (28)
2) PUS 68 (27)
3) VEU 52 (27) 
4) JES 51 (26)
5) EHC 51 (26)
6) ASH 44 (26) 
7) SGC 42 (26)
8) EKZ 35 (26)
9) RBJ 34 (28) 
10) HCN 33 (27) 
11) WSV 31 (25)
12) GHE 28 (27) 
13) KEC 26 (26) 
14) FAS 25 (26) 
15) ECB 24 (26)
16) KA2 15 (26)