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HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice booked a late 4:3 win against FBI VEU Feldkirch and narrowed the gap in the standings to one point. In the Austrian duel EHC Lustenau won with 6:3 against the the EC KAC II.
170104 Lustenau

FBI VEU Feldkirch – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 3:4
It was right from the beginning an attractive game between FBI VEU Feldkirch and HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice. The well skating Slovenians put a lot of pressure from the first minute. Still the hosts had the better chances, but the first period ended with no goals. Also the second period was a quick and attractive game. After 22 minutes Brus surprised the goalie of VEU and took the 1:0 lead for the Slovenians. With two goals within two minutes Feldkirch succeeded with the turnaround. First it was Diethard Winzig for the tie, then Kevin Puschnik took the lead for the Autrians. Jesenice started the last period with even more pressure. It took only 34 seconds for the tie. The Slovenians kept on playing aggressively. Marjan Manfreda recaptured the lead for Jesenice. Five minutes before the end Martin Mairitsch tied the game again. A penalty and power play goal of Berlisk decided the game for Jesenice.

EHC Lustenau - EC KAC II 6:3
The young team of the EC-KAC II started the game with very high engagement. The game was very quick and tough. The carinthians didn’t show any respect to their opponent and created a lot of chances. After 11 minutes Nikolaus Kraus succeeded with the first goal for the home team. The last of the standings brought this lead into the first break. In the second period Lustenau did a better job in adopting to the aggressive game of the KAC. In the 28th minute Gatis Gricinskis scored the more than deserved tie. Only five minutes later Stefan Wiedmaier took the lead for the home team for the first time this evening. But the lead didn’t last for long. Only 26 seconds later the KAC tied the game. In the last period Lustenau controlled the game. In the 43rd minute Philipp Winzig recaptured the lead again for Lustenau in a power play situation. Only 10 seconds later Martins Cipulis increased the lead. The KAC didn’t give up and fought back one more time. In the 51st minute they narrowed the gap to one goal again. Petr Vala succeeded in the 54th with the pre-decisive goal. The KAC couldn’t shift up a gear anymore. Forward Gatis Gricinskis scored in the 57th minutes the six goal for his team this night and brought the result of 6:3.

Tue, 03.01.2017: FBI VEU Feldkirch – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 3:4 (0:0; 2:1, 1:3)
Referees: KUMMER, PODLESNIK, Bärnthaler, Holzer.
Goals Feldkirch: 1:1 Winzig (26./Jancar-Breuss); 2:1 Puschnik (28./Stanley-Riener); 3:3 Mairitsch (54./pp1/Fekete-Birnstill); 
Goals Jesenice: 0:1 Brus (21./Manfreda-Rajsar); 2:2 Pance (40./Sotlar-Oraze); 2:3 Manfreda (43./Brus-Rajsar); 3:4 Berlisk (57./pp1/ Magovan-Kalac);  

Tue, 03.01.2017: EHC Alge Elastic Lustenau – EC-KAC II 6:3 (0:1; 2:1; 4:1)
Referees: LENDL, STRASSER, Moisi, Rinker.
Goals Lustenau: 1:1 Gricinskis (27./Devecka-Glanznig); 2:1 Wiedmaier (32./Winzig-Vala); 3:2 Winzig (42./pp1/Wiedmaier); 4:2 Cipulis (42./Devecka-Gricinskis); 5:3 Vala (53./pp1/Oberscheider-Stefan); 6:3 Grinciskis (56.); 
Goals EC-KAC II: 0:1 Kraus (10./Adlassnig-Kreuzer); 2:2 Obersteiner (33./Kurath-Cirtek); 4:3 Kraus (50./Vallant-Adlassnig); 

1) RIT 71 (27)
2) PUS 65 (26)
3) VEU 52 (27) 
4) JES 51 (26)
5) EHC 51 (26)
6) ASH 44 (25) 
7) SGC 42 (24)
8) EKZ 32 (25)
9) WSV 31 (24) 
10) RBJ 31 (27) 
11) HCN 30 (26)
12) KEC 26 (25) 
13) GHE 25 (26) 
14) FAS 25 (25) 
15) ECB 24 (25)
16) KA2 15 (26)