The Alps Hockey League season 2016/17 is split in three phases. In the regular season the teams play in two full rounds against each other – 30 games per team. The first six teams qualify for the Master-Round in the second phase and have already a guaranteed ticket for the AHL-Playoffs.

Phase 1) Regular Season

The competition will be carried out in one group.

Phase 2a): “ Master Round”:

The teams placed first to sixth of Phase 1 will play a round robin amongst them to decide the placements for the play-offs. The Points from the regular season will not be taken along. The first placed team receives six bonus points, the second placed team receives four bonus points, the third-placed team receives two bonus points and the fourth-placed team receives one bonus point. Teams placed in fifth and sixth after the regular season will not receive bonus points. During the Master-Round the top 6 teams play for the privilege to pick their quarterfinal opponent.

Phase 2b): “Qualification Round A and Qualification Round B”:

The teams ranked on the places 7-16 are split in the second phase, the qualification round, into two groups of five teams. The points from the regular season will not be taken along, teams get bonus points:

Qualiround A:

7. | 6 Pkt

10. | 3 Pkt

11. | 2 Pkt

14. u 15. | 0 Pkt

Qualiround B:

8. | 5 Pkt

9. | 4 Pkt

12. | 1 Pkt

13. u 16. | 0 Pkt

The two winners of the qualification round groups assure the last tickets for the quarterfinals.

Phase 3) Playoffs

The eight qualified teams play out the champion. The first two playoff-series (quarterfinals and semifinals) are played in a “best-of-five” mode, the finals will be "best-of-seven". In the quarterfinals the first three teams have the right to pick their opponent of the teams ranked from 5-8.